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Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Russians among the largest to visit Georgia in 3rd Quarter

The most foreigners who visited Georgia in the third Quarter of 2023 belong to Russia as per the latest data .

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Tbilisi: As per the latest data, most foreigners who visited Georgia in the third Quarter of 2023 belong to Russia. The latest data is disclosed by the National Statistics Office of Georgia. Russian Federation is followed by Turkey and Armenia, respectively.

The percentage of Russian visitors constitutes 24.4 per cent. This amounts to around 478.4 thousand visitors from Russia. Similarly, the share of visitors from Turkey is 21.3 per cent. From Armenia, the percentage of visitors stands at 12.9 per cent, as per the data of the National Statistics Office of Georgia.


It is to be specifically mentioned that in the year 2023, the visitor count to Georgia is 2.7 million people, and this count is a reflection of an almost 19.4 per cent increase from the same period of previous years.

Data also revealed that the most number of visitors falls between the age group of 32 to 50 years; moreover, among these, the majority of the travellers were male. Male share is 54 per cent of the travellers of the age group of 32-50 years.

Another interesting fact that surfaced from the data is that the majority of travellers who visited Georgia arrived for holidays, leisure and recreation purposes in the third Quarter of 2023.

It is worth mentioning that in the last  year too , Russia dominated the share of visitors who visited Georgia. Last year, the number of Russian were 443.6 thousand, and that was 27.7 per cent of total visitors. Similarly, the visitors from Armenia were in second place followed by Turkey in the same time period of 2022.

Data showed that Georiga had been the first choice for Russia for two consecutive years.
This also shows the popularity of the Georgian Tourism sector among the People of Russia. Georgian Tourism Department stated that this is a great and exceptional achievement for the country. They also hoped that this would further boost the tourism sector of the country in the coming years.

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