Borjomi Municipality announces schedule for a number of events

The Borjimi Municipality has announced to organize a number of events on gender equality. The events will be part of the 16-day campaign against violence on women. It will start on November 25 and end on December 10, 2023.

The opening event, under theme “Orange Week, “will be held at Merab Kostava Square in Evinig from 17:00 o’clock onward. Participants from different cultural and arts centres will attend.

Then, the next important event will be a presentation by the Borjomi Municipality Public Schools. This will be held on November 29, 2023. For this event, the students of 10 to 12 grade will have the opportunity to give a presentation on one of the below-mentioned topics:
1 . Underage marriage and family
2. feminism and women’s rights
3. Women, family and society
There are some rules for the schools for the Presentation, which include:
1 Only one Presentation will present the Presentation
2  The average duration for the Presentation will be five to seven minutes
3 Presentation should be made in the MS PowerPoint

The next session will be held on December 1, 2023. This will be held at 13:00 hours at the Borjomi Municipality council meeting hall. This will be an informative meeting on the International Day of Fight against AIDS.

Similarly, on December 4, a dedicated event will be organized for persons with disabilities. Before this event, a fayer of music school along with an exhibition-sale of a painting of Maia Abzianidze, the mother of the disabled person David Khaduri, will also be held.

On November 5, an informational character meeting will be held with the Psychologist, and on November 8, Zurab Inashvili’s film “Speak Out” will be played in the open cinema. This film is based on the stories of Domestic Violence.

On December 10, an exhibition of paintings by a minor disabled, namely Elene Targamadze, will be held.

On the same day of November 10 2023, a concert will be held, which will see the participation of the ensemble “Borjomi” at the centre of culture and art and the ensemble “Octava” at the music school.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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