Georgia: Education Minister attends Meeting of Anti-corruption Bureau

Giorgi Amilakhvar, the Minister of Education and Science of Georgia took part in a meeting. This meeting was organized by the Anti-Corruption Bureau. At the occasion, many representatives of the academic circle gathered to discuss the importance of addressing the anti-corruption issues of educational programs.

While addressing the meeting, Minister Giorgi Amilakhvar underscored the urgent need to integrate anti-corruption issues into the education system and programs of the country.

 He also stated that in order to strengthen the fight against corruption in Georgia, integration of anti-corruption issues is very necessary. The minister also noted that the Ministry need to encourage students to fight corruption and raise awareness from the initial stage of school education.

The education minister also disclosed that his Ministry continues to make many efforts on important issues, such as the effective implementation of the fight against corruption, international legal instruments and laws, international obligations, platforms, international conventions, etc.

Giorgi Amilakhvari, speaking specifically on the occasion, said: “In the present time when the country is aspiring to be part of the European Union, one of the most important directions is to strengthen the fight against corruption is to build an independent, strong body against the practice of corruption, such as the newly created Anti-Corruption Bureau.”

It is very necessary and important to tell the youth of the country and students the importance of fighting corruption and the mechanisms and legal rules and regulations in this regard.

The topics that were covered in today’s meeting include actively planning the direction of anti-corruption programs in educational programs of institutions of higher education like universities and schools.

Spreading awareness among youth about the basic foundations, principles, and legal acts of fighting corruption is the first priority of the anto corruption buearu. By integrating anti-corruption practices in education, we will have a better-prepared future generation who will have a solid foundation for building a safe, democratic and corruption-free Georgia.

It is worth mentioning that the head of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Rajden Kuprashvili, addressed the participants and rectors of various higher educational institutions.

Most of the speakers on the occasion focused on the role of education in the fight against the corruption and other social evils as well.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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