Georgia: School Students visit Army bases

Under the project “One Day in the Army”, the 4th Infantry Brigade of the Georgian Defense Forces hosted students from various schools. This was aimed to raise the awareness among the students about armed forces of Georgia.

Students of the 9th grade of Tbilisi, Rustavi and Sagarejo region’s public schools were present at the military base of Vazianir to get information regarding the armed forces of the country.

Students, along with the Representatives of the schools, were involved in the pilot subject called the “Military Case” project.

Students also have the wonderful opportunity to see and learn about the base’s infrastructure, technology, weapons, etc. Students and representatives of the schools got themself familiar with the soldiers’ living and working conditions on-site.

They also know how they live happily and peacefully, leaving their families at home.

It is to be specifically mentioned that on this special occasion, Military personnel introduced about the history of the subdivision to the guest students and school management representatives. Armed officials also recalled and remembered the stories of heroes who died for the territorial integrity of the country and made great sacrifices.

At the end of their tour to the military base, students also visited the brigade canteen, where they enjoyed the taste of “Soldier’s Ulufa”.
Notably, the idea of teaching the subject “Military Case” in Georgian schools in the academic year 2019 – 2022 was implemented with the orders of the Prime Minister of Georgia.

This initiative was brought into effect with the efforts of the Ministry of Defense, Education and Science. Moreover, At the beginning stage, almost 18 schools from highland regions participated in this pilot program to learn about the armed forces of the country.
Due to heavy interest among the students in the subject, the project was organised on a larger scale in the current academic year.
It is worth mentioning that Visits of students and pupils, along with school representatives to Georgian military bases, are regularly carried out. These kinds of Events help to promote the military culture and raise awareness on the armed institutions among the younger generation.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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