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Dusheti Municipality Opens New Library

the municipality of Dusheti opened the new public library

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After many years of waiting, the municipality of Dusheti opened the new public library. The opening ceremony was attended by the State Commissioner of Mtskheta-Mtianeti, along with the mayor of Dusheti Municipality and the chairman of the city council.

The library’s name is Alexander Royashvili, and it was opened to provide better civic amenities to the general public of Dusheti Municipality.


The building of the library has a heritage and cultural status. It was reopened under the provisions of the third regional development project. Moreover, the project was funded by the World Bank fund.

The state commissioner of the Mtskheta-Mtianet Ddavid Nozade, while attending the opening ceremony, said that this is a very special occasion for the citizens of the Dusheti municipality. He also appreciated the efforts of the Municipality of the Dusheti towards better facility provisions.

Similarly, the deputy mayor of Dusheti Municipality and chairman of the city council also congratulated the people on the opening of this new public library. They also added that this is a significant step by the municipality council.

The mayor and chairman also said that the city municipality is always committed to making efforts for public welfare on a priority basis.

The funds provided by the World Bank were utilised and implemented by the Municipality Development Fund of Dusheti.

It is to be specifically mentioned that the library opening project included the complete renovation of the facade of the library building. Work also involves the changing of the communication system. Other significant work that was completed was changing the fire alarm, and much other internal works of the building was carried out under the framework of the library opening project. Library work also includes the renewel of book funds and inventory.


All the chief guests of the event visited the library rooms where a big electronic screen was installed by the library management. They got the information on the functioning of the library from the staff of the library.

Rooms had had proper infrastructure for that, including desks and chairs. on every desk, two computer systems were placed for exploring the digital books and another digital facility o the library.

The library also has a huge collection of books for students and professionals as well as for common citizens.

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