Georgia: Nino Tandilashvili meets Minister of the Czech Republic

Nno Tandilashvili, the first deputy minister of Georgia, met Radim Srshensi. Radim Sreshensi is the deputy minister of regional development of the Czech Republic. Both leaders discussed issues related to Rural Development in their respective countries.

Issues of rural development included rural development policy ,methods of functioning of local development groups
(LAGs) with the approach of European Leaders, the significance of the youth’s involvement in rural development and local farmers’ role to strengthen Ebi’s Capabilities were thoroughly discussed by both sides.

While speaking on the occasion, Georgian Minister Nino Tandilashvili stated that Georgia is looking for successful cooperation with the government of the Czech Republic. This cooperation is aimed in the field of agriculture and environmental protection.

Minister further added that the Georgian government is cooperating with the Czech Development Agency regarding the expansion of protected areas and the establishment of a new management system, etc. The management agency is an active partner of Georgia under the provisions of the (ENPARD) European Union Rural and Agriculture Development Neighbourhood Program.

Minister said that at the present moment, we are amid a historic moment as the European Commission has recommended granting the candidate status to Georgia. Minister expressed hopes that this will be one positive step for the full-fledged membership of the European Union in Future.

Nino Tandilashvili said we are waiting for the decision of the European Union, which is expected to be announced in December this year regarding the membership of Georgia into the EU, and in this integration process, support of the Czech Republic is very important.

On the other side, the Deputy Minister of the Regional Development of the Czech Republic emphasized the opportunities which will strengthen the support of Local farmers in the Municipalities. Parties also discussed ways to enhance future cooperation.

At the occasion, other dignitaries who were present included Lana Zellingerova, Head of Programs Development of the Czech Development Agency and representatives of the Agriculture Ministry of Georgia.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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