Georgian National University hosts a Medical Conference

Tbilisi: the Faculty of Medicine of Georgian National University  hold a conference on 18 and 19 November 2023. The theme of the conference was “Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of left valve pathologies of heart Acquired”.

It is to be specifically mentioned that the faculty of medicine frequently organise conferences on different topics. These conferences are aimed at sharing and promoting the latest approaches and developments happening in the medical field.

During the conference, almost five hundred people were present to listen to the thoughts of the key speakers who have expertise in the different backgrounds of the medical profession.

The keynote speaker at the occasion included the senior cardiologist of the Cardiology Department Of Stuttgart Central Clinic, the Head of the Catheter laboratory of medical sciences, Doctor Rezo Jorbenadze.

The conference was chaired by the senior cardiologist of the division of Cardiology of Central Clinic of Stuttgart of Germany, along with the Head of the Catheter laboratory.
This conference on cardiovascular health includes a number of sessions to highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

It is worth mentioning that cardio-related health diseases have become a major global health issue. In recent times, a large number of youngsters have succumbed to cardiovascular-related problems.

Key speakers of the conference and other medical experts who attended the conference underscored the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle, limiting the intake of Junk Food, Routine physical activities, etc.

During the conference, attendees also asked their queries, which were addressed by the health experts.

The conference hall of the university was full of attendees. The organiser of the conference said that this conference would be very beneficial for the participants. They also expressed hope that participants will think to adopt a healthy routine seriously to keep the health-related diseases away from them.
The university medical department also said that this kind of conference will be held in future too.

At the end of the conference, the Reactor of Georgian National University, Mr Kavtelishvili, honoured Mr Rezo Jorbenadze with the title of Honorary Doctorate.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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