Georgia:Health Ministry Held An information meeting

An information meeting was organised by the Ministry of Health and the Scientific and Practical Center for Infectious Pathology, AIDS and Clinical Immunology to mark the International Day of AIDS. International AIDS Day is celebrated every year on December 1, 2023.

This information meeting was part of many seminars and conferences being organised by the Ministry of Health to raise awareness of AIDS prevention.

This information meeting was attended by members of the Health and Social Affairs Committee along with the Head of the Georgian Representation of the World Health Organization, field specialists and people involved in the Anti-AIDS program. It discuseed that early detection of disease, effective treatment, preventive measures, HIV-associated stigma And overcoming social discrimination.

Tamar Gabunia, the Deputy Minister of Health, stated that the Country has made great achievements in the management of AIDS in recent years.Notably, under the government program for HIV/AIDS, beneficiaries can receive outpatient and hospital medical services as well as HIV/AIDS treatment drugs and other medical services.

AIDS means Acquired Immune Deficiency syndrome. This is still a medical problem without any effective treatment. Every year, the number of AIDS patients is growing. The recent rise of Narcotics use also makes a huge number of people AIDS vulnerable.
The Main reason For AIDS is unprotected Sexual relations. Along with unprotected sex, multiple uses of a single syringe can also spread AIDS. Similarly, transfusion of AIDS-affected blood to healthy persons can also make them AIDS affected.

If a mother is Affected with the AIDS chance of AIDS infection in her child are also very high.

As per the scientific study, the only effective way to tackle this infection is large-scale awareness. Many international, and regional and local agencies in Georgia are actively working to raise awareness among the General population so that this deadly disease can be eradicated from the Country.

All the key speakers appreciated the ministry for organising this campaign. They also encouraged the Health Ministry to continue this campaign in future so that every person can be educated regarding preventative measures.
Attendee of the meeting also shared their thoughts with key speakers. Participants of the events also thanked the ministry for this noble social cause.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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