Ambrolauri: City hall representatives visit day centre on world autism day

April 2 is the day to raise awareness about autism worldwide. The Ambrolauri city hall of Georgia’s representative recently visited the day centre “Baosh” to meet the children affected with autism.

During their visit this delegation also spent quality time with children having special needs. They gave them beautiful gifts to make their day memorable.

They enjoyed various children’s activities with the members of the home. On the other hand the Ambrolauri municipality also took to its social media handles and shared this development. 

The Municipality’s Facebook post stated “April 2  is the day of raising awareness about autism. On this day Deputy Mayor of Ambrolauri Municipality Tamar Kevanashvili, Head of the City Hall Social and Healthcare Service Marika Dval and employees of the same service were at the Day Center “Baosh”.

It further stated “Representatives of the City Hall gave gift packages to the center’s pupils and participated in different kinds of fun activities with them”.

“On December 18, 2007 the UN General Assembly declared April 2 as the World Autism Information Day. This initiative aims to raise society’s awareness of autism and contribute to protecting and realising the fundamental rights of people with autism” added facebook post.

The main objective of the day was to educate the general public about the different aspects of the disease so that early measures can be taken to reduce the symptoms.

World Health Organization recognise Autism as a condition that makes it difficult for a person to have social interaction with others.

The children affected with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) also feel difficulties while understanding basic study concepts.

Following are some of the symptoms of the autism affected person like:-

  1. Difficulty while making the eye contact
  2. They will not smile when you smile at them
  3. They do not respond when someone calls their name
  4. Avoid to play with other children of their age
  5. Used to repeat the same phrase again and again
Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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