UNICEF Georgia advises people to take care of their mental health

Tbilisi: UNICEF Georgia has advised people to be careful when using social media for mental health reasons. It also suggested some tips.

UNICEF Georgia also uses its social media handles to share information on mental health with people. A Facebook post states that the “Internet is the miracle of the 21st century. However, it also has the risk of causing damage to the mental health of the individual. People should use some tips to use it healthily.”

While suggesting some tips UNICEF Georgia underlined the following guidelines:

1. Avoid aimless scrolling

We should not use social media unnecessarily. Only visit relevant sites and use limited apps to avoid the digital clutter that can damage mental health.

2. Be attentive

Many apps can help you improve your mental health and emotional well-being. Some websites help you develop your personality, connect with people you care about, and feel part of a community use them.

3. Protect yourself and take care of others

Check privacy settings on all your social media profiles regularly. If you see anything objectionable tell a trusted adult such as a parent or teacher to report the incident on the given platform and seek helplines and mental health services for further support.

4. Use social media for good by sharing positive

Let’s spread love not hate! We can achieve this by sharing positive content on social media platforms.

5. Live a real life

The line between the online and offline worlds is becoming increasingly blurred, making it difficult to live in the present and reducing human contact. Everyone needs to remember that social media is not reality, and they must not act on online information blindly.    

It was also suggested that when using different social media platforms, we should not share sensitive content that can incite people to commit violent acts like riots, armed protests, etc.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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