Know here: List of top-10 companies in Georgia by energy consumption

Georgia: The consumption of electricity in the first quarter of 2022, according to a report published by the Electricity Market Operator (ESCO) in Georgia, is up by 13 per cent and reached 3.9 terawatt-hours.

In the report, it is mentioned that the subscribers of Energo Pro have consumed 1.1 terawatts of electricity while the subscribers of Telasi have consumed 810 million kilowatt-hours of electricity.

Moreover, in the wholesale market, some of the biggest companies operating in Georgia purchase electricity directly without the engagement of both companies, “Telasi” and “Energo Pro”. In total, 35 companies have been granted this status, and they had consumed a total of 987 million kilowatt-hours of electricity in 1Q2022.

As per the reports by ESCO, the company that has consumed the most electricity in Georgia was Georgian Manganese (306 million kilowatt-hours), which was about 8% of Georgia’s total consumption in Q1. Following this is Bitfurry, a private company that is engaged in the mining of Cryptocurrency in the Tbilisi Free Industrial Zone; its consumption climbed to 98.5 million kilowatt-hours.

The top ten Companies by Energy Consumption are as follows:

  • Zestaponi Ferroalloy Plant – 306 million kilowatt-hours;
  • BFDC (Bitfury Georgia) – 98.5 million kilowatt hours;
  • Rustavi Nitrogen – 67.2 million kilowatt hours;
  • Rustavi Steel – 54.4 million kilowatt hours;
  • Georgian Railway – 42.5 million kilowatt-hours;
  • HeidelbergCement Georgia – 40.7 million kilowatt hours;
  • Georgian Water and Power – 39.6 million kilowatt-hours;
  • ChiaturManganum Georgia – 37.8 million kilowatt-hours;
  • IT Lab – 34.7 million kilowatt-hours;
  • United Water Supply Company of Georgia – 29.3 million kilowatt-hours.

The generation of electricity in the nation has inclined this year. The hydropower plants have generated a total of 1.5 terawatt-hours of electricity (up 18%), while electricity generated by thermal power plants was 1.45 billion terawatts-hours (up 71%).

Due to this, the generation of electricity in the country has increased by 38% to 3 terawatt-hours.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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