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American Hospital Tbilisi honours its trusted partners

The American Hospital Tbilisi (AHT) held a corporate evening to celebrate its achievements and recognize its trusted partners. 

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December 16, 2023: The American Hospital Tbilisi (AHT) held a corporate evening to celebrate its achievements and recognize its trusted partners. 

The American Hospital Tbilisi (AHT) is a multi-profile hospital that provides patient-centred, high-quality services by international standards. It was founded with the support of the United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) and in conformity with Georgian state interests.


The event was attended by AHT executive director Erjan Ayildiz, who awarded symbolic gifts to representatives of companies that have contributed significantly to AHT’s success. 

Among the recipients were two companies that have been working closely with AHT for a long time: 

  • Favorite 
  • Ivermed

Favorite is the region’s largest polygraph enterprise, which has maintained first place in the Georgian market for three decades. It offers a wide range of printing services, including medical packaging, labels, and brochures. The award was given to Favorite’s commercial director, Natia Gulordava, who expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the partnership with AHT.

Ivermed is a company that specializes in the realization and service of disposable medical items and medical equipment. It supplies AHT with various products, such as syringes, needles, catheters, gloves, masks, and gowns. 

The award was given to Ivermed’s manager, Nodar Megrelishvili, who praised the professionalism and innovation of AHT.

Ayildiz congratulated the awardees and thanked them for their cooperation and support. He also highlighted the achievements of AHT in the past year, such as opening five Centers of Excellence, obtaining Joint Commission International accreditation, and participating in various medical and scientific research projects. 

He said that AHT is committed to leading with innovation and delivering evidence-based healthcare, reflecting international accreditation standards.


The corporate evening was a festive occasion that celebrated the collaboration and friendship between AHT and its trusted partners. It also showcased the vision and mission of AHT to become the most trusted healthcare provider in Georgia and the region.

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