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Beady Eye:- Biography, Awards and Nominations!

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Beady Eye is an English rock band that was formed in London in the year of 2009. This rock band was formed by Oasis member. The member of the band consists of vocalist, two guitarist, drummer. The members consists of the vocalist Liam Gallagher, guitarist, Gem Archer and Andy Bell and the drummer Chris Sharrock.

The band got so much recognition from their two studio albums. The two studio albums were:- Different Gear, Still speeding ( released in 2011) and BE ( released in 2013). Both of these studio albums were reached in the top 5 of the UK album Chart.


They also released their single named as The Roller. This was the only single track which became the UK top 40 in which this single secured the rank of No. 31. Beady Eye Records releases their songs in UK and Ireland. On 24 Jan 2011, it was announced regarding the release of Beady Eye tracks. Due to which Different Gear, Still speeding were also released in North America in 1 March 2011.

Awards and Nominations by Beady Eye!!

Let’s talk about the Awards and Nominations got by Beady Eye. This band received one nomination by NME Award in the year of 2011. Their debut albums Different Gear, Still Speeding was selected in XFM’s New Music Award. They were nominated for the best debut album from a British band in 2011.

Their debut only single titled The Roller was the best selling vinyl single track of 2011. After these single tracks and debut albums, their track “Millionaire” became second best selling track and in that, fifth was “The Beat Goes On.” And there was a documentary titled Start Anew which was the film related to Liam Gallagher and Beady Eye. This documentary film also won the People’s Choice Lovie Award.

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