Arctic Monkeys the English rock band and internet sensation

Arctic Monkeys the English rock band and internet sensation

ARCTIC MONKEY: the English rock band and internet sensation

Sheffield gave birth to an English rock band named Arctic Monkeys in 2002. The five members are Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, Nick O’Malley, Matt Helders and Andy Nicholson who left the band after a short time.

Arctic Monkeys is the best band that came to the public eye through the Internet. They changed the perspective of the music industry by their internet marketing skills and promotional activities.

The first album called “Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not” ( 2006), topped British music charts and was declared, the biggest debut album by any artist. The album later won Brit Awards (2007).

Favourite Worst, the band’s second album also won best British Album Award (2008). Humbug (2009) and Suck It and See( 2011) were the band’s second and third albums.



ORIGINATED FROM:  Sheffield, England

GENRES:  Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Post Punk Revival, Psychedelic Rock are band’s genres

YEARS ACTIVE:  2002 to present.

MEMBERS OF THE BAND:  Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, Mattew Helders and  

PAST MEMBERS:  Andy Nicolson

Their success grew even more with their fifth album called ” AM “, their song called ” Do I Wanna Know ” topped billboard charts in the USA. The song was also certified platinum in the US and later British awards in 2004 making bands third win in a row.

” Tranquility Base and Casino”, was Arctic Monkeys sixth album. They decided to change their music style from heavy guitar melodies to space pop, glam rock and lounge pop with, a little Jazz.

Arctic Monkeys received a nomination for Grammy award in 2019 for their second album ” Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I Am Not”.



DATE OF BIRTH: January 6, 1986 (age 35 present)

PLACE OF BIRTH: Sheffield, England

Occupation: musician, singer, songwriter and record producer.

Instruments: guitar, bass, flute, sitar, drums, percussion, drums player and a vocalist.


OTHERS NAME: Mattew J. Helders III

BIRTHDAY: 7th May 1986 ( 34).

Born: Sheffield, England

OCCUPATION: vocalist, songwriter and drummer.

PARTNER: Breana McDow


BIRTHDATE: 8th, July 1985 (35)

FULL NAME: Jamie Robert Cook

PLACE OF BIRTH: High Green, Sheffield, ENGLAND

OCCUPATION: musician, guitarist, keyboards and lap steel player.

PARTNER: Katie Downes


DATE OF BIRTH: 5 July 1985 (35)

PLACE OF BIRTH: Sheffield, United Kingdom

FULL NAME:  Nicholas Edward O’Malley

ROLES: vocalist, bass guitar player along with the guitar.


According to the news sources, Arctic Monkeys are set to realise a new album. Matt Helders also said that the band is in the early stages of the recording process.

“We would have been doing it by now in a normal time. There’s definitely a desire from our end to do a new record, as soon as we can.”



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