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Is Fantastic Beast 3 Cancelled? Will Johnny Depp be back?

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Fantastic Beasts is the prequel of the most cherished wizard film arrangement of the world”Harry Potter.”It is the eight-part of the film arrangement, which released on the name of Fantastic Beasts. It has all the characters identified with the Harry Potter arrangement. It first published in the year 2016. Also, the second piece of the method named Fantastic Beasts: The wrongdoings of Grindelwald was discharged in the year 2018, two years after the fact than the first. The plot of this prequel film arrangement is seventy years back to the hour of Harry Potter.


Harry Potter is the piece of everybody’s adolescence, and nobody would ever envision their youth better without Harry Potter in their lives. Harry Potter has a little space in the hearts of everybody beginning from the Harry Potter book arrangement and afterward, the astounding films. It has made a delightful space in the hearts of both book darlings and film sweethearts. The fans term themselves as Potterheads.

Release Date: Fantastic Beasts 3

The third piece of Fantastic Beasts not dropped, and it merely postponed because of the Corona Pandemic. What’s more, the creation of this film likewise gets influenced by this pandemic only like different things on the planet. The arrival of the third part is relied upon to occur before the finish of the following year. The release will most presumably be toward the year’s end 2021.

Cast: Fantastic Beasts 3

The magnificent pair of the hero, Eddie Redmayne, as Newt Scamander and the hero Johnny Depp as Grindelwald.

Aside from those two, we have Jacob Kowalski playing Dan Folger as Jude Law as Dumbledore, Credence Barebone, and Katherine Waterstone as Tina.


This previous year, as the sources from WizardingWorld.com proposed, we Found that Jessica Williams’ character – an Ilvermorny educator will Possess a very much assembled and primary job in the film.

These are Several on-screen characters who are to be a piece of the film. The video which Went to release in 2020 will distribute in 2021.

Furthermore, Jeff Bock stated, “because the film placed in Brazil doesn’t mean. We can’t invest the energy at Hogwarts. There are things they could do to spare the film. We anticipate all the more today.”

Plot: Fantastic Beasts 3

The plot isn’t yet uncovered and still hush-hush, yet Rowling answering to a expressed that “Answers give.” As we have two additional parts coming, all the appropriate responses must not uncover as it’s not an opportunity to wrap up the establishment yet. Undoubtedly, the film set during the 1930s in Brazil. The subsequent movie finished up in Grindelwald persuading his devotees, by terrifying them of World War.

The following film may observe the group engaging Grindelwald and adherents while their pursuit keeps on breaking the blood settlement. There may be some new phenomenal brutes. Additionally, Nagini dared to be one. Fans profoundly envision the film and continue seeking after this one to turn out true to form.

Storyline: Fantastic Beasts 3

For individuals who’re new to this World, we’ll draw you a small image of what has occurred till now. In the mid-20s, New York, Newt Scamander, shows up around. He brings a puzzling calfskin bag, which shields a vast assortment of baffling and mysterious animals, creatures the ” Muggle” world has never observed. Amid an effectively delicate society, and the expanded calamities brought about by the dim wizard “Grindelwald,” his valuable bag gets lost. Also, shocking is a portion of those mysterious animals even figure out how to get away and make significant devastation among everyday citizens! Even though he figures out how to get his animals back, there are a few results.

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