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Georgia: TASO foundation launches fundraising campaign for Ukrainian newborns, mothers

In Georgia, a national women's foundation, TASO has launched a fundraising campaign to assist Ukrainian Women amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. 

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In Georgia, a national women’s foundation, TASO has launched a fundraising campaign to assist Ukrainian Women amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war

The fundraising campaign by TASO will be used to purchase clothing, food and other basic amenities to support Ukrainian women who have had to give birth in emergency shelters due to the ongoing war in the country.


Moreover, Taso Foundation is a foundation of the women’s movement of Georgia, and its supporter is involved in the work aimed at the creation of a peaceful and just environment, an environment where each woman will be entitled to a free choice and self-realization and will exercise her rights and freedoms without hindrance

TASO has released its list of products and items, which will be purchased with the money collected by the foundation to support Ukraine’s women :

  • Artificial Baby Milk (Formula)
  • Clothes
  • Vitamin D
  • Bottles
  • Diapers
  • Plaids
  • Pacifiers

The foundation has also opened a bank acccount on the number GE29TB0798936080100003 to receive donations under the recipient “TASO Foundation” from the people who are willing to help. 

Moreover, since the beginning of Russia’s military campaign against Ukraine, births in Kyiv shelters have included a girl born to a 23-year-old woman at an underground metro station, according to the sources on February 25. Ihor Kolyhaiev, the mayor of Kherson in southern Ukraine, also confirmed that two babies were born in the city on February 25.

The Business Association of Georgia (BAG), which brings together hundreds of entrepreneurial groups around the country has also donated 100,000 GEL ($31,000/€28,000) on Wednesday to Ukraine through Georgia’s Red Cross Society to express solidarity with the country.

The Georgian Government has also provided aid worth one million GEL ($315,000/€279,000) to Ukraine, with the Georgian Post also informing it would deliver humanitarian parcels to Ukrainian citizens free of cost.

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