Defense and Security Committee holds meeting to strengthen fight against organized crime

The official group under the Defense and Security Committee held its first organizational session. The head of the official group and the chairman of the defense and security committee, Irakli Beraya, introduced the work’s specifics and procedures to the group members.

According to him, complex approaches are needed against organized crime.

As for the future activities of the working group, according to Irakli Beraya, a special questionnaire will be prepared, which will reflect the current legislative and institutional environment, the mechanisms of international cooperation against organized crime, the progress of the fulfillment of obligations assumed by Georgia, practical experience, existing challenges and the shortcomings that need to be improved and needs appropriate changes.

“At the meeting, we agreed on the work process, deadlines, as well as the directions we will touch upon in the process of evaluation and proposal preparation. The EU recommendation explicitly states that the fight against organized crime should be strengthened based on a detailed threat assessment, as well as rigorous investigative actions, effective investigations, criminal prosecutions, as well as the production of reliable statistics, both in terms of charges and convictions. It is also about ensuring accountability and supervision of law enforcement agencies. In the process of work, it will be interesting to hear the positions of civil society, what gaps they see in the field of combating organized crime and what challenges,”- said Irakli Beraya.

According to the head of the official group, Irakli Beraya, after the preparation of the questionnaire, the members of the working group will be given a 2-week period to present their opinions and the information that belongs to their official competence.

Official meetings will be held periodically, according to thematic areas. On the procedure of the working process by the head of the group, the members of the group – representatives of the legislative and executive authorities and members of non-governmental organizations expressed their opinions and declared their readiness to participate in the activities of the group.

Along with members of the majority and part of the opposition, the official group includes representatives of the Ministry of Justice, Internal Affairs and Finance, as well as the State Security Service, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Monitoring Service of the Investigative Service of the Ministry of Finance, the National Security Council, the Supreme Council of Justice and civil society.

The official group, which was created in order to fulfil one of the recommendations of the European Union, will work until November 1 of this year.


Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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