Georgia and World Bank join forces to transform Irrigation and Land Management

Georgia: Otar Shamugia: “The large-scale project, which the Georgian government is implementing in partnership with the World Bank, will make an important contribution to the development of irrigation and land management systems in the country.”

Minister of Environment and Agriculture Otar Shamugia attended the presentation of the “Sustainable Agriculture, Irrigation and Land Project” (GRAIL).

The project, initiated by the Georgian government in partnership with the World Bank, will improve irrigation systems in Georgia will contribute to the implementation of sustainable agriculture and land management practices.

Otar Shamugia thanked the parties involved in the project implementation for their support.

“A large-scale project, which the Georgian government is implementing in partnership with the World Bank, will make an important contribution to the development of irrigation and land management systems in the country, said Otar Shamugia.

Furthermore, he asserted, “The project will also include the implementation of climate-smart farming practices, conserving water and soil resources. All this together will bring important results. Please note that one of the priorities of the Georgian government is the development of the agricultural sector in the country. For this purpose, over the past 10 years, we have implemented a number of important projects; today, in support of our farmers, more than 10 projects are underway, covering almost every circle of the value chain – helping farmers and entrepreneurs, both primary production and recycling Taking over the black and new markets With the corner.”

“Next year, in different markets, about 20 million GEL will be spent to integrate our farmers and entrepreneurs and promote Georgian products. Increased production and export rates are the result of joint cooperation.”

Last year, we had record exports of agricultural products; this year, according to 9-month data, we have an increase of about 17-18% compared to last year. “I think these data reflect well the joint work of the public, private and civil sectors and the results of the programs we have been implementing over the years,” said Otar Shamugia.

The minister focused on the “Georgian Irrigation and Land Market Development Project”, which is also being implemented in cooperation with the World Bank. According to the minister, the project has delivered significant results – as part of the rehabilitation of irrigation systems, improving water supply to farmers on around 17,500 ha.

Roland Price, Regional Director of the World Bank in the South Caucasus, noted that joint and coordinated action to improve the agricultural sector is very important.

“We expect that an integrated approach to agriculture, irrigation and land management will bring significant economic growth to Georgia, reduce poverty, create additional jobs.” “I think it is especially important to work together between Georgian ministries of environment protection and agriculture, finance and justice, which, as past experience has shown, brings positive results,” Roland Price said.

“Sustainable Agriculture, Irrigation and Land Project” (GRAIL) costs 150 million US dollars and the project is equally financed by the Government of Georgia and the World Bank.

Presentation of the project was attended by Finance Minister Lasha Khutsishvili, First Deputy Minister of Justice Tamar Tkshelashvili, Deputy Minister of Environment and Agriculture Tengiz Nasaridze and representatives of relevant services within the Ministry’s system.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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