Construction work on Road to end soon in Saburtalo District

Saburtalo: The Reconstruction work of a road is being completed in full swing in the Saburtalo District. With the completion of this road project, the traffic on Adam Mitskevich Street will be restored fully from December 18, 2023.

It is to be specifically mentioned that The Local administration is taking many initiatives to provide better civic amenities to the residents of the District. The administration, under the framework of the infrastructure projects under the Saburtalo District Board, many sidewalks, ramps, and drainage networks have already been arranged. Moreover, underground cables and the damaged underground network of natural gas have been completely repaired in the District.

There will be 7800 sq ft and asphalt pavement and a new outdoor lighting network that are being installed on the entrance of this newly under construction road. In addition the whole territory arrangement works are being actively carried out, the total area of which is 19,800 square meters as per the Inforamtion made public by the authorities.

Meanwhile, Saburtalo district councillor Gizo Vasadze and Tbilisi City Council Majority MP Avtandil Tsintsadze visited the construction site and got acquainted with the last stage of the project.It is to be noted that this construction work will be completed with the amount of 2 000 000 GEL.Which has been allocated from the local Budget of the District.

On the construction site the workers were doing their job with full dedication. One of the employees of the Construction company was busy measuring the length of the road to get a rough estimate. The road is being constructed in two parts. Firstly, One side of the road will be completed.

As soon as one side is fully constructed, the work on the other half part of the road will be started by the Company. The representative of the district administration, during their visit to the site, also inspected the construction material.

Construction Machinery being used to make the concrete road. The part of the road that has been completed was very smooth.

The representative of the administration also said that they are identifying the other roads that need immediate repairs.On the occasion, Saburtalo district councillor, Gizo Vasadze said with the completion of construction work, people will get easy access to roads.

The district administration took to their social media and shared information about these ongoing construction projects. The social media users appreciated the development work of the advertisement, and some also demonstrated that roads in their areas also demand immediate attention.

One user, Lela Tsintasadze, while commenting on this post, said, “Good Luck.” another user, Zura Toradze, commented “, Make Tsintsadze street also like this”. Similarly, a user commented, “ What is good is good”.

As people are lauding the administration, this is a reflection of the dedication and determination of the administration towards the development work.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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