Georgia: Measurement work on full swing in Guria region

The national agency of the Public Registry of the Republic of Georgia is carrying out measurement work in the Guria region of the Country. This is part of the rehabilitation work after huge damage caused by natural calamities like flooding, cloud bursting, hurricanes etc.

As per the initial reports the plan schedule, which has been established by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, systematic land registration works in Ozurgeti Municipality have to be carried out in July 2024. However, in the Month of September of this year, due to the drought processes developed in the Guria region, 55 planners of the agency in Ozurgeti municipality have been carrying out measuring works since December 13.

These Agency planners are working full-time in the affected areas despite difficult relief conditions to return life to normal again.

At the sites where measuring work is going on, the First Deputy Minister of Justice of Georgia – Tamar Tkshelashvili, and Chairman of the National Agency of Public Register – David Devidze, got acquainted with the active measurement works in municipalities.

As per Tamar Tkshelashvili, “In September Month the electricity has caused significant damage to Ozurgeti and Lanchkhuti municipalities of the region. Similarly, some of The landlords damaged the homes of citizens who did not register their property as per the requirement. In order to ensure that the citizens affected by nature can quickly receive the appropriate compensation from the concerned department, the Ministry of Justice has decided that the public registry planners groups, in accordance with the schedule, have to carry out the fieldwork of systematic land registration in other municipalities as well.

It was also declared that the work will continue in Ozurgeti and Lanchkhuti municipalities for residents affected by nature.
The Agency’s field groups informed the First Deputy Minister about technical issues of cadastral measurement work of affected areas, relief difficulties, meteorological conditions and working specifications of geodesic tools.

It is to be specifically mentioned that the measuring process of systematic land registration is fully electronic; moreover, the measuring teams are equipped with the relevant applications electronically to minimise the possibility of technical errors.

At the same time, more than 80% of the country’s territory is already registered within the framework of the systematic land registration reform. It also includes the 2500-2700 plots of land that are measured and registered daily.

It is to be noted that within the framework of the field works, 650,000 land plots have already been measured, out of which more than 500,000 plots have been registered as per rules and regulations.

According to department officials, the Use of the project is completely free. Officials also took to social media to share information regarding the measurement work. Many social media user, while reacting to the post, also asked their queries. User Xatuna Jijieshvili commented, “The farmer took citrus gardens in the village labour. The damage is just too much. We hope you pay attention”.
Vaja Babuxadia while commenting, wrote that “When will it get the start in the villages of Tkibuli Municipality.”

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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