Agency of Protected Areas provides details of year’s activities

Tbilisi:  The Agency of Protected Territories summarised the activity report for 2023. It also reviews the projects and programs that will be implemented in the next year.

It is to be specifically mentioned that representatives of the territorial administrations of the Agency of Protected Territories presented the current year’s activity report at the working meeting.

As per the activity report, the current year of 2023 was distinguished in terms of the achievements of the Agency of Protected Areas both in terms of biodiversity protection and in terms of ecotourism development.

At the same time, the meeting emphasised the results achieved in the field of nature protection. Special attention was paid during the meeting to the successful implementation of the SMART patrolling system in protected areas of Georgia.

SMART patrolling and monitoring system makes ranger patrols even more operational and effective. The role of rangers in the implementation of the SMART system was emphasised. As a result successful rangers were awarded by the Caucasian Nature Foundation (CNF).

The working meeting also emphasised the results achieved in the development of ecotourism and the increase in the number of visitors.

 It was noted during the meeting that in 2023, the number of visitors reached a record level of 1 million. Important projects implemented by the Agency of Protected Areas for the development of ecotourism were also highlighted during the meeting.

The 2023 year was also termed as a distinguished year in terms of infrastructure development. Ecotourism works are carried out in 15 protected areas, as a result of which travelling will become even more diverse and safer.

 Unique services were installed, including the installation of 3D lighting systems on Martville Canyon. It was noted that Martville Canyon took the lead place in the number of visitors.The representatives of the agency on this occasion also underlined current and future plans for the development of new objects.

 It was noted that the development of Bald Canyon is one of the main priorities for the agency, which will add new life to the Municipality of Martville.

Successful international cooperation and projects of the Agency of Protected Areas were discussed at the meeting, which were appreciated by all who were present at the meeting. Special attention was paid to the first international summit organised by the Agency of Protected Areas, which was attended by 80 delegates from 20 countries across the globe.

It is noteworthy that the summary meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of Environment and Agriculture Yuri Nozadze, Chairman of the Agency of Protected Areas David Iosebashvili, representatives of the territorial administrations of the Protected Areas Agency, as well as partner donor organisations.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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