Patrol police rescue bus passenger at Bakurinai highway

As the weather department had predicted that there would be heavy rain and snowfall in many parts of Georgia, a bus on the Bakurinai highway fell into a trench due to heavy snowfall. The immediate response of the emergency services saved the precious life of the bus who were present inside.

As per the initial reports the bus was carrying 50 passengers. There were also children present on the bus. When this bus was passing through the Bakuriani highway, it slipped from the main road and fell into the deep trench alongside the road.

As the weather was bad and at the same time due to rain driver could not pull the bus out of the deep trench. There was a curve when the bus suddenly fell into the trench. After some failed attempted drives I contacted the patrol police as well as the employee of the emergency department.

After receiving the information, the patrol police, along with the necessary equipment, rushed to the spot for the recuse of the bus passenger.

There was a a recovery van brought to the spot by the rescue team. At the spot of the incident, they first ensure the safety of the passenger.

When passengers were shifted to safer places, then there were attempts by the team to pull out the bus from the trench. They pulled the bus by towing it with the help of a recovery van.

People on social media also appreciate the employees of the emergency department and of the petrol police. One username, Nana Nana, commented, “Have a safe trip, everyone. God bless you”. Similarly, another user, Dali Papuashvili, commented, “Miracles do happen too. May the lord protect you all. I am glad to see everyone is ok”. Keto Kaladaze stated, “Have a safe journey. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

At the same time, many other users also blame the rescue work and safety of the passengers.On the other hand, the weather department continues to provide updated details about the weather conditions. As per the department, people should avoid travelling on snow-filled roads.

People have been advised to keep themself updated with the latest weather-related information by visiting the official websites of the weather department.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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