Mayor Natia Goliadze visits newborns of a new year at a hospital

Ozurgeti: Natia Goliadze, the mayor of the Ozurgeti Municipality of Georgia recently visited the local hospital to see the babies that were born at the beginning of the new year of 2024. She extended best wishes to mothers of newborns as well as handed over the gifts, which included gifts and toys.

This was a humanitarian gesture showing the mayor to attend the happy moments with the residents of her local municipality. She was also accompanied by some other representative of the municipality during this special visit to the hospital on the eve of the new year.

At the time of her visit, she was welcomed by the management of the hospital for her esteemed presence at the hospital.

Meanwhile, the Ozurgeti municipality took to their social media handle and stated that “The first newborn born on January 3 in Ozurgeti. Deputy Mayor of Ozurgeti, Natia Goliadze, visited the first newborn born in 2024″

“Lizi Makharadze was born on January 3 at the clinic “Medalfa” Medical Center. Natia Goliadze congratulated her mother, Khatuna Zaveluri, on the birth of her child and gave gifts. Wishing health and a happy future to the little one”. social media post added.

After the post of Municipality social media users also commented and extended congratulations to family members as well. One user, namely Natia Trapaidze, commented, “Congratulations on that,” and another user, Laura Babuadze, commented, “Be happy and multiply”.

Similarly, Benjamin Edward, while commenting, wrote, “Congratulations for waking up at 3 am. Hope the new boss will make it easier for you”.
People also posted some images with congratulatory messages in the comment section of the post of the Ozurgeti Municipality as well.

It is to be specifically mentioned that the People of the Ozurgeti municipality were very happy to see this kind act of the mayor. Some people also stated that they are very proud that we have such a nice mayor who is always ready to join the people in the time of joy and sorrow of its citizens.

Notably, the Mayor is very popular for her people-centric approach and often visits homes, workplaces, places of worship, etc., to join the common people for the celebration or other events. She is known for her helping nature, and people have a huge respect for the mayor due to her this quality.

Mayor while congratulating the other newborn, said, “You are so lucky to be blessed by god at the beginning of the new year; I wish you and your babies a healthy, prosperous life ahead ”. She also delivered gifts that included toys for newborns, babies clothes as well as sweets.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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