Khashuri: Authorities warn about destroyed roads

The bad weather conditions that continue to create trouble for the common people have made road traffic difficult again in some regions of the country. The road that leads to Sative village from other areas has been destroyed and got blocked.

The heavy rain caused damage to the road railing on both sides. The angles of the railing also got fractured at some points, which added more danger to the journey on these routes as well.

it is to be specifically mentioned that the wildfire has already damaged the forest on both sides of the road. The damaged forest areas are considered as the biggest reason for the land erosion, which further caused the damage to these roads.

The authors took to their social media handle and, while providing the information, stated that “ Attention citizens!! ️
A small section collapsed on the side of the road connecting the big and small villages to Sative. As part of preventive measures, the municipality installed a metal railing at the place of injury.
At this stage, engineering geological research is underway. Project work will start as soon as the qualitative conclusion made by specialists is received”.

It is worth mentioning that many roads across the country have been blocked due to bad weather. On the other hand the, the authorities also assured immediate relief and rehabilitation work to restore the normal traffic on these routes.

The social media user thanked the authors for providing them with timely information regarding the blockade of roads. They also appreciate the efforts being taken by the local administration for the restoration of blocked work.

At the same time, the weather department has advised people to avoid unnecessary traffic on these roads. Department officials also said that people should keep track of the weather reports released by the department after regular intervals.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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