Personal data protection service published a new work

Personal data protection service of Georgia has published a new work under the name of “Protection of personal data of minors – theory and practice”.

Modern digital technologies have drastically changed the world. Adolescents are increasingly using digital space, which has become an integral part of their lives posing certain risks to children’s privacy and personal data protection.

In the field of personal data protection, the current legal framework in Georgia does not directly take into account the procedures for protecting children’s personal data in the digital environment. Therefore, it is important to comply with international standards in order to create appropriate guarantees.

It should be added that the goal of the latest work in the digital environment is to study the best international standards regarding juvenile rights and adapt to national legislation.

It focuses on the principles and foundations of data processing, the rights of the child’s personal data protection, and the specific characteristics related to the notice of “the best interest of the child. ”

The Personal Data Protection Service is constantly trying to share international best practices for the protection of children’s rights and establish effective standards, which are especially relevant in the implementation of the new law on “personal data protection”.

Notably, in the last one to two decades, information technology has totally changed the digital space. However, with the advent of the Internet, the protection of personal data has also become very important.

Many technology experts acknowledge that if strict regulation is not implemented, there can be a large-scale misuse of personal data as well.

Sometimes antisocial elements also misuse personal information for their own gain, which is a very dangerous trend.The new work published by the data protection service also suggested various measures for the protection and safe use of personal data.


Many countries are introducing the law for safer digital space.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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