Khashuri Municipality holds meetings to discuss development projects

Khashuri, Georgia: The Khashuri Municipality Mayor, Tengiz Chitiashvili, and his team met with the population of six villages in the municipality on February 5, 2024, as part of the ongoing “Village Support Program”. 

The program aims to involve the local communities in decision-making and address their priority issues and needs.

The village meetings were held in Damchkula, Kodistkaro, Tagveti, Rboni, Kashveti and Jvartmukhi, where the citizens and the municipality leaders discussed the problems and solutions in their respective areas. 

The meetings resulted in selecting several projects the program will finance, such as repairing the water system in Kodistskaro and constructing concrete roads in Kashveti and Jvartmukha. The citizens’ decision to choose the projects will be presented to the municipal council for approval.

The village meetings also covered other needs of the villages, such as education, health, agriculture, and tourism. The municipality heads agreed to carry out various infrastructure works along with the village support projects, such as renovating schools, clinics, and cultural centres. They also promised to provide more support and assistance to the farmers and the entrepreneurs in the rural areas.

The “Village Support Program” is a nationwide initiative that aims to improve the living standards and economic opportunities of the rural population in Georgia. The program provides financial and technical support to the local development projects identified and implemented by the local authorities and the communities. The program is expected to cover all the villages in the Khashuri Municipality by the end of the year.

Khashuri Municipality

Khashuri Municipality is a Georgia municipality in the Shida Kartli region. Khashuri municipality is located at 690 meters above sea level. 

The distance from the capital to Khashuri is 120km, and from the regional centre, it is 47 km. The climate in the municipality is moderately humid and subtropical. Winter is rather cold, and summer is warm.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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