Rehabilitation works completed of recreational park Near Gamrekeli N10-12

The administration has completed the Rehabilitation of the recreational area near Gamrekeli N10-12. This has been compeleted to make arrangements for the local population for world-class civic amenities for thecitizens.

It is to be added that within the framework of the project, in the first stage, the dismantling of the damaged inventory was carried out. All the appropriate park infrastructure children’s entertainment area and exercise area, stairs, and ramp have been arranged in the area.

At the final stage, the territory was given a green look with rolled grass and different types of trees and plants were planted. 194 867 GEL was allocated from the local budget for the implementation of the project.

The project site was looking very attractive. This was painted with beautiful colours to attract the children towards the park.
The green grass also gave the park a very attractive look. There were many slides and swings for children’s activities as well.

The municipal administration said that this will make the recreational area very useful for people of all ages.They also said that in the future more such recreational parks would be established providing world-class facilities to the people.

They also made arrangements for sports activities. Similarly, equipment for the exercise was also arranged. The company “Ltd. Monolith 2005” performed the work of construction work by the order of the Saburtalo District Board.

It should be added that in the previous year, many such recreational facilities were provided to all people.On the other hand people and other citizens of surrounding expressed their happiness over this world-class facility in their locality.

They also said that more such facilities should be arranged in future as well. Meanwhile, social media users also expressed their happiness over the development projects being executed by authorities.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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