Georgia: Parliamentary delegation of the western Balkan visit occupation line

The chairman of Georgia’s defence and security committee, Irakli Beraya and members of the parliamentary delegation of the western Balkan countries visited the village of Odze near the occupation line. They inspected the infrastructure illegally arranged by the Russian occupation forces and condemned the illegal occupation of Georgian territories.

During the visit of Delagtion, Irakli Beraya stated that ” the members of the parliamentary delegation saw with their own eyes the results of the Russian occupation and condemned the Russian authorities. They saw the illegal infrastructure, closed passages and artificial barriers erected by the Russian forces.”

Irakli Beraya further added that “ it is important that all guests and partners who come to Georgia visit the occupation line and get to know the cruel face of the Russian occupation and where the front line of European security runs. What was seen here today once again confirms that in order to increase the pressure on the occupying state, it is necessary to strengthen the efforts of the international community to de-occupy the regions of Georgia and for Russia to respect its obligations under international law”.

They also stated that it is the duty of the international community to raise their voice against the illegal occupation of the Georgian territories. They added that it is the duty of all countries to respect the sovereignty of all other countries.

They demanded that the people’s basic rights should be respected by all countries; it is only the innocent people who suffer when any conflict begins in any part of the world.

European lawmakers are in Georgia within the framework of the interparliamentary conference of Georgia and the Western Balkan countries on European integration issues which was held for the first time at the initiative of the Georgian side.

Delegation assured the early effort to raise the issue at international level.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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