Irakli Chikovani visits Western command of Defence forces

Tbilisi: Irakli Chikovani the Minister of Defense of Georgia visited the western command of defence forces. He took the stock of the situation holding a meeting with senior members of defense forces.

It is to be specifically mentioned that the minister Irakli Chikovani was informed about the current situation at the military bases of the Western Command of the Defense Forces. Notably the Minister visited the Kutaisi Medical Center of the Military Hospital of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia named after Giorgi Abramishvili as well as he also visited the 6th Artillery Brigade of Khoni and the air defense base in Kopitnar.

During his visit Minister Irakli Chikovani got acquainted with the working process of the Kutaisi Military Hospital and the new medical equipment that were added to the Kutaisi Hospital. T

The medical center equipped with new modern equipment offers various medical services to military personnel and their family members along with the military hospital of Gori. Minister assures to provide extra assistance for more world-class medical services for the members of Georgian Defense forces as well.

The minister also familiarized himself with the ongoing infrastructural works and the living conditions of military personnel at the base of the 6th Artillery Brigade of the Western Command in Khoni.

Here he inspected the renovated barracks, renovated canteen building and multi-functional sports field. Irakli Chikovani got acquainted with the ongoing infrastructural and barrack repair works in Kopitnar also.

At the same time the Minister of Defense was at the Western military bases and was joined by the Commander of the Defense Forces Major General Giorgi Matiashvili his deputy Chief of the General Staff, Major General Johnny Tatunashvili and the Western Commander, Brigadier General Koba Grigolias.

He also had a brief interaction with the top military officials and listened to their problems . On the other hand officers apprised the minister all the defence-related developments for which the minister gave a positive response as well.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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