Georgia: Permanent Parliamentary council for child rights protection discusses action plan

Tbilisi: The Permanent Parliamentary Council of the Republic of Georgia for Child Rights Protection held a meeting. In this meeting they discussed the action plan for the welfare of children’s rights.

The Permanent Parliamentary Council for the Protection of Children’s Rights Chairman Baya Kvitsian stated” We tried to make this time the action plan concrete as there is not much time left before the end of the term of the Parliament”.

He added further that “We have selected four main directions in our activities which also included the analysis and revision of the legislation, regulating the protection of children’s rights, as well as measures to raise public awareness, supervision of the implementation of decisions on issues related to children’s rights. We also have to take measures for the promotion of systematic and coordinated work on issues of protection of children’s rights”.

According to him, “The council will implement separate events dedicated to mainly the children with disabilities and special educational needs,these events will also address the needs of their families”.

According to Baya Kvitsian,“It has become necessary to start revising the legislation. Through this work we will work in the direction of children’s rights defined by international directives which are not reflected in the Georgian legislation including the codes of criminal law, labour, and children’s rights “.

He also added that our efforts apply to child exploitation, child labour and recreation, homeless children, and more. At the session the participants also focused on the importance of promoting systematic and coordinated work on child rights protection issues. 

They emphasized the necessity of supporting local government and strengthening coordinated work with central government agencies.

The meeting attendees also said that the government prioritises the making the lives of children with special needs comfortable. At the same time measures will also be taken to provide infrastructure that is accessible to children with special needs.

Children with special needs often face many problems while accessing educational infrastructure. The government with an aim to address these problems has launched many policies in the past as well.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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