Georgia: UNICEF Georgia hosts working meeting on child rights

The UNICEF’s Georgia wing recently hosted a working meeting on the rights of children across the country. A significant number of representatives attended.

UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund) is a major international organisation working to protect children’s rights. Its main objective is to protect children in conflict zones.

UNICEF usually partners with the local or regional organization to run its various programs successfully. It also provides financial assistance to local organizations for the implementation of child welfare-oriented policies.

The UNICEF’s Georgia also provided information to their social media handle. The Facebook post of UNICEF Georgia stated “Every child has the right to grow up in a family environment. Separation of a child from his family is unacceptable and it should be done only in a time of extreme necessity and as a temporary measure”.

The post further added that “Within the framework of the project supported by the European Union more than 150 professionals – social workers, judges, lawyers – participated in working meetings organised by the UN Children’s Fund, aimed at promoting the effective implementation of Article 26 of the Code of Rights of the Child and the establishment of a uniform practice. Article 26 of the Code regulates the separation of a child from the family. It considers to be permissible only when the child’s life, health or safety is in immediate danger and the decision must be made under the court’s consent”.

Similarly the post added, “In order to establish unified practices and protect the best interests of the child the UN Children’s Foundation held the closing meeting where professionals and invited specialists shared information and experience on the core concepts, principles, approaches and rules of cooperation”.

During the working meeting it was also discussed that mutual coordination between different organisations is very important for the successful implementation of any policy and for its results.

The key speaker also stressed the role of awareness campaigns through the media ,especially social media about the various steps in this direction as well.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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