Tbilisi: Avtandil Tsintsadze visits 158th public school on Georgian language day

Tbilisi City Council Saburtalo District Majority Leader Avtandil Tsintsadze visited the 158th Public school. He along with others spent time with school children to observe Georgian Language Day which is celebrated every year on April 14.

The visiting delegation also brought with them gifts. They distributed gifts among the children who felt joyful after receiving the gifts. Gifts include eatables, sweets as well as stationary items. The school children demonstrated their writing skills on board which was appreciated by all the attendees of the event.

Children wrote on board beautiful words and lines in Georgian language. Similarly the members of the delegation asked some simple questions to check the knowledge of children on the Georgian language which were answered by children with great interest as well.

Speaking on the importance of the mother tongue Avtandil Tsintsadze stated “ The historic day of April 14 is the most important in the history of our country. On this day 46 years ago, tens of thousands of citizens were united to protect their native language. The Georgian people fought for their rights. Large-scale protests were held which were able to preserve the Georgian language as the state language for future generations”.

He also added “It is the duty of all of us to make children fall in love with the Georgian language , our unique script, right from the first grade so that they become the carriers of the Georgian language for the coming generation as well. Once again commit ourselves and Let’s teach children to protect and take care. I am sure that with talent and work, we will live in an even better Georgia”.

The Teachers of the school also expressed their commitment to the upliftment of the Georgian language. They also motivated the children to love their mother tongue to know the rich history, culture, and traditions of Georgia.

Tbilisi City Hall also shared this information on their Facebook page where social media users laud the initiative of city hall to promote the Georgian language.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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