Georgia: “Rights Georgia” urges Special investigation service to clear stand on police action

A prominent non-governmental organization of Georgia “Rights Georgia” has asked the special investigation service of Georgia to clear its stand on the police action against peacefull protestors.

Many protestors were arrested during a recent protest in Tbilisi in parts of the country. Many people have been injured whereas some have been detained by law enforcement agencies as well.


The NGO said that even after passing more than 24 hours since April 16-17, 2024 when police forces physically assaulted some of the peaceful demonstrators during the protest against the Russian law but till now we have not been provided with the required information.

As per the information available till now at least more than 10 cases have been identified which are being investigated by the Special Investigation Service among which 3 people have been hospitalized due to their injuries.

The speical investigation service was created to investigate the crime against the memebrs of the law enforcement agencies, but till now no progress has been made the service in these incidents.

NGO representative also added that protestors were physically assaulted in the vicinity of the Parliament. The journalist were also attacked which is a total violation of their legal rights.

They also called the head of the Special Investigation Service Koka Katsitadze to immediately make a statement and give a correct legal assessment of the violent actions taken by the memebers of the police forces against the participants of the rally and journalists during the rally. They further termed it as an incident of high public interest to provide information to the public about the initiation of the investigation and the conducted investigative actions.

The Georgian parliament has passed the controversial foreign agents law by ignoring all the opposition from different sections of the country. The Georgian President also termed this as a Russian law to stifle independent voices.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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