Georgia celebrates National Clothing Day on May 18

Tbilisi: National Clothing Day, which falls on May 18 every year, is celebrated with enthusiasm this year as well in Georgia. A number of activities are also held in different municipalities, including the city hall of the Martvili Municipality.


The Martvili city hall administration shared this information on their official Facebook page. They also posted beautiful pictures of the event with the participation of the choreographic ensemble.  The Facebook post stated, “On May 18, Georgia celebrates National Clothes Day. On this day, the Municipality of Martvili organized a national costume march with members of a local choreographic ensemble.”

The young members of the ensemble wore beautiful, colorful traditional clothes to mark the national clothing day in March. They also gave their performance on this special occasion.  The boys wore black clothes, whereas the girls dressed in  blue clothes with head covers. Georgia’s traditional dress shows its rich history and culture.

The day was established to keep the legacy of the traditional clothing culture of Georgia alive for future generations. The main folk dress of Georgia is called Chokha. This is the kind of national Georgian cloth of the country as well. Chokha was trading part of the men’s apparel.

This dress of chokha also has a holder for cartridges; however, now they are just ornamentals. There are four types of chokha. Choka-Akhalukhi was the best and most comfortable dress for fighters as it has a cartridge holder, which makes it easy to use for fighters.

Although nowadays people prefer to wear modern dresses, Chokha is still used as a symbol of national pride in many parts of Georgia.  The ensemble also clicked photographs after the mesmerizing performance to keep the memories safe for the future.  The municipality administration also stated that this is the best way to ignite young people’s passion for the country’s rich culture and heritage.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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