Georgian PM invites protesting youth for discussion

Tbilisi: The Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Kobakhidze  said on May 17 that young people protesting should come forward to have a constructive discussion with the Government. He further said that the youth should participate in a healthy discussion on foreign agents  laws instead of violent protests.

PM took to his social media handle to extend his invitation to the participating youth. He said “ Everyone participating in the protest cannot be termed a violent protestor, as many have serious concerns about the law, and I would like to invite those peaceful protestors for a healthy discussion as well.”

He further added that youth is the future of the country. They should participate in the discussion to resolve the issue. The government is always ready to hear their remarks and suggestions, which can be implemented in the coming days.

The Prime Minister said, “Many would also remember that many opposition leaders were blackmailing the protesters for the political and vested interest. He also added that youth should not be provocated to use violent measures during the protest. They should always remember that violence cannot solve any problem.”

The PM   criticized foreign diplomats who comment on the country’s internal matters. He added that the controversy over the foreign agents  law is the country’s internal matter  and foreign diplomats should refrain from commenting on it.

“He also added that the opposition parties are spreading misinformation that the law will create obstacles for the European integration of the country  which is totally unacceptable. He added that with the consistent efforts of the ruling government of the Georgian Dream party  we had already been granted the status of the candidate country.

He expressed hopes that  with consistent efforts we will also achieve full-fledged membership of the European Union in the future. He reiterated his stand that the law has been introduced only to ensure transparency and not to stifle independent voices across any part of the country.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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