US Representatives plans to introduce a bill for sanction against Georgia

According to reports a member of the House of Representatives  Joe Wilson, is planning to introduce the bill in the US Congress. The bill aims to impose strict regulation against Georgian politicians and officials over the foreign agents law.


Joe Wilson bill  and another similar legislation intended to warn the ruling regime of Georgia not to override the veto of the President. They also want to send the message that if Georgia does not repeal or withdraw the bill, the USA may impose sanctions against Georgia. Speaking to local media  Wilson stated,” The prevailing situation in Georgia is heartbreaking.  The pro-Russian government is going against patriotic Georgians. The repression of freedom-loving Georgians must stop, and the U.S. stands firm in calling for a return of democratic norms and values.”


At the same time bill calls for the Biden administration to report on Russian intelligence assets in Georgia and the extent of Chinese influence as well in the country. The proposed bill further seeks whether individuals in Georgia have evaded international sanctions against Russia  which were imposed  in February 2022


In contrast  if the bill is repealed it may lead to better relations including enhanced trade relations, increased opportunities for Georgians to travel and study in the U.S., and economic assistance. Furthermore it calls for the U.S. President to provide training, support, and defense equipment to help Georgia defend against Russian aggression if the relations improve after the withdrawal of the foreign agent bill.


“The progress made by the Georgian people and civil society in forging an innovative and productive society,  with a democratic spirit, should be acknowledged,” – Wilson’s bill text reads.   The controversial foreign agents bill was adopted by the Georgian parliament in its third and final reading. However the president vetoed it  calling it a pro-Russian bill. The vetoed bill will now be submitted to the Georgian parliament for reconsideration.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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