US,  France president urges ruling  GD party to “Return to Euro-Atlantic Path”

The Presidents of the United States of America  Joe Biden  and France  Emmanuel Macron  urged the ruling party of Georgia (Georgian Dream) to return to the Euro-Atlantic path. They also asked the Georgian administration to respect the wishes, rights, and liberties of the Georgian public.


The comment from the head of both nations came in a  joint French-American Roadmap released by the White House on June 8. According to the statement, “The United States of America, and France always reiterate commitment to the active support of the  people of Georgia in their Euro-Atlantic aspirations.”


It further stated that “Both countries the United States and France  also  demand and support the establishment of a fair and lasting peace in the South Caucasus region  which is essential for the upliftment of the democratic values as well. Moreover  Georgia Dream should do the  tasks  based on respect for international law and the principles of sovereignty, inviolability of borders  and territorial integrity.  Additionally  the USA and France support further regional integration in the South Caucasus to benefit all the region’s people.”

It is to be specifically mentioned that the roadmap between the United States of America and France was signed recently following the ceremonies on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings during WWII when the French President hosted the U.S. President in Paris. The documents also highlight the shared vision of a “ whole Europe, free and at peace,” of shared values, and of transnational issues and challenges.


It is to be noted that the election in  Georgian territories which are under Russia’s occupation  is being opposed by many countries across the globe. Moreover, the recent protest over the controversial foreign agent law also sheds light on the importance of democratic values as per the international standard.


The passing and adoption of the foreign agents law drew the condemnation of many countries, including the individual sanction by the United States of America against the members of the ruling party Georgian Dream.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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