Study Reveals more about low and regular dose of Aspirin

Study Reveals more about low and regular dose of Aspirin

Recently, a study was conducted in which many heart patients volunteered and enrolled themselves for this study. This study was done online, and it was seen that consuming lower as well as regular strength of the medicine seems to be quite helpful and safe.

The aspirin showed positive results in controlling other heart-related diseases as well as lower the risk of stroke.

But the main problem with this study was most of the participants preferred lower doses of aspirin as compared to that of higher doses. This might alter the results of the experiment and could create confusion about whether both the doses are equally effective. Moreover, those who were asked to take the higher doses of the aspirin preferred lower doses instead or thought of quitting it.

A cardiologist from Baylor College of Medicine in Houston said that participants themselves decided which dose they want to take, and they themselves got the medicines.

Also, doctors assume that higher dose aspirin might work better than that of lower doses. A higher dose is 325 milligrams, while the smaller doses are 81 milligrams.

The results were published in a journalĀ New England Journal of Medicine, and further discussions were done at a conference held at the American College of Cardiology.

Aspirin is highly preferred for heart patients and not for normal patients. Aspirin helps to clear blood clots in heart patients, while in normal patients, it may increase the risk of bleeding. So this is the drug of choice for those who have recently undergone bypass surgery, had heart attacks, or any person with clogged arteries who may require a stent.

This project was funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute and invited over 15000 people to join in this study. All of them were randomly assigned the doses, and they were asked to buy themselves.

The studies showed that over 85 % of the participants were already taking the low dose aspirin, and it was an uphill task to convince people to take the assigned dose of aspirin.

Also, warnings were given to people to neither change the dose or stop the dose all of a sudden.

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