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Friday, December 1, 2023

iOS14.5 wants to keep online life more private!

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If anyone tries to shop online and clicks on a particular product, then an ad for that particular product appears on every site and every app that is opened next week. In iOS 14.5, a new feature on iPhone wants to keep online life more private. Now ad tracking can be turned off within the apps used.

With iOS 14.5 earlier this month, the App Tracking Transparency feature arrived. Unless explicit permission is given to an app, it can’t use the user’s data for targeted apps, with the advertisers cannot share the user’s location or share the user’s advertising ID or with third parties any other identifiers. In June 2020, this change was 1st unrevealed at Apple’s WWDC and has drawn support from privacy advocates, but companies like Facebook have criticized it because it will hurt the ad business.


The move comes along with the other efforts made by the company to increase transparency and privacy. Recently Apple CEO Tim Cook called “fundamental human rights.” With the release of iSO14.3 in December, the app “nutrition labels” were seen by the users that inform users about the data an app requests before being download from the App Store.

How to turn on app tracking –

In new apps – When a new app is downloaded or opened, a notification can be seen that asks if the user wants to let the app track activities across other company’s websites and apps. Information on what the app would track can be seen. Users can tab either Ask App, not to Track, or Allow. Across every app, downloaded users can stop app tracking by going to Setting > Privacy > Tracking, and toggling off Allow Apps to Request to Track. This means any app that tries to ask the user’s permission will be blocked from asking and automatically that the user has asked not to track. This doesn’t mean that ads will disappear, but more generic ads will be there.

Already downloaded apps – If already downloaded apps are there which have permission to track can be turned on or off. Under Settings, tap an app, and then tap to turn off Allow Tracking. Or go to Setting > Privacy > Tracking and tap to turn on or off each app seen in the list that has requested permission to track activity.

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