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Electric Vehicle Works With Solar Energy With Range of Up To 1,600 km

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One of the weak points of electric cars is your autonomy. This vehicle promises to solve the problem: it works with solar energy and is equipped with a battery that can travel up to 1,600 km.

Electric mobility has come a long way in recent years, but it still has different obstacles to overcome in order to prevail over vehicles with a combustion engine. Autonomy is one of them: the batteries do not have enough capacity to face a long trip , so it is necessary to make several stops along the route.


As we were able to verify in our trip from Madrid to Barcelona in an electric car , today drivers who want to undertake medium or long-distance trips still face many unknowns, including whether the chargers on our route will work, or the differences between the autonomy shown by the car with the real one.

Aptera has developed a vehicle that promises to end all of these problems in one fell swoop. This curious prototype is made of very light materials and has an aerodynamic design to consume as little energy as possible. According to the company, it consumes less than 100 Wh per 1.6 km, making it truly efficient.

It is covered by a layer of 180 solar panels that allow it to obtain enough electricity to travel around 70 kilometers without the need to plug it in . In addition, it offers the option of installing batteries with a range of up to 1,600 km, which opens the door to making long trips without having to make any stops to charge it.

Inside we find a cabin with two seats and enough room for the driver and passenger to travel in total comfort. It has a very futuristic design, with a large infotainment screen and rear view mirrors made up of cameras and panels.

At the moment, Aptera’s solar electric vehicle is in the prototype phase and the final specifications of the engine are unknown. The company expects to start production in 2021 and has opened the reservation phase , which can be accessed with a $ 100 refundable deposit. There will be two models, Paradigm and Paradimg +, and their prices will start at 25.99 and 46,900 dollars, respectively.

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