Batumi: Event held in honour of April’s 1989 victims

Several events are being organised across the country to pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives during the anti-soviet protest of 9 April 1989. The Batumi city hall also remembered the martyrs.

Today in Batumi the administration decorated the memorial in memory of those who died on April 9. It was also decorated with a crown, flowers, and wreaths.

While addressing the people on the occasion the Mayor of Batumi Archil Chikovani stated “35 years have passed since the tragedy of April 9. This day united the whole of Georgia to fight for independence and defend sovereign existence. The day of April 9 is one of the most tragic day in our country’s history. But this is also the day of Georgian unity and victory. We honour the memory of the fallen heroes on April 9th who gave their lives for freedom of nation. This sacrifice was not in vain. It’s our duty to preserve their gains. A tribute to the heroes!”.

The incident happened on 9 April 1989 35 years ago. The protesters were peacefully holding an anti-Soviet protest rally in front of the parliament building in Tbilisi the capital of Georgia.

To suppress the protesters the soviet forces used tanks as well as poisonous gases. The force and other violent measures used by the Soviet forces cost the lives of twenty-one people.

Since then, the day has been celebrated as the national day of unity. This is also the day to unite in the fight against anti-national forces and to protect the freedom of the country. The memorial was beautifully decorated and the army officers also visited to salute the brave people.

The young and children also visited the memorial and paid their respects to the martyrs. Social media users across the country also paid their respects to Martyrs. Batumi City Hall also took to its social media hand and shared a glimpse of the event. One Facebook user, reacting to the post about Batumi City Hall commented, “A tribute to the heroes!!”.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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