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Georgian PM  participates in  Ukraine Recovery Conference at Berlin

Georgian PM  participates in  Ukraine Recovery Conference at Berlin

Irakli Kobakhidze the Prime Minister of the Republic of Georgia attended the “Ukraine Recovery Conference” in Berlin.

1 day ago

Georgian NGOs to apply to Constitutional Court against transparency law

Georgia's non-governmental organizations has announced to approach to the Georgia Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights to…

2 weeks ago

PM Irakli Kobakhidze: Final adoption of foreign agent  law is first step toward transparency

Amid the strong criticism from  many local, regional, and international leaders,  Prime Minister, Irakli Kobakhidze has called it a revolutionary…

2 weeks ago

Read here what Georgian PM says on eve of Independence Day

As the country celebrates its 106th independence day, PM Irakli Kobakhidze reiterate his commitment to making Georgia a stable state.

2 weeks ago

Public Ombudsman meets UNICEF head

Levan Ioseliani, public Ombudsman of Georgia met Jesper Moller the head of UNICEF  to review children's rights in Georgia.

3 weeks ago

USA announce a visa restriction policy for Georgian individuals for foreign agent law

In a big setback for Georgia, the United States of America’s Secretary of State Blinken on Thursday announced a visa…

3 weeks ago

Citing Health complications, Prosecutor General Irakli Shotadze resigns

The Georgian prosecutor General (the highest law officer) resigned on May 23. He cited health complications as the main reason…

3 weeks ago

Georgia: Special investigation service arrests one for cybercrime

Special investigation service of Georgia arrested man for sharing personal photos of victim on social media through a telegram channel.

2 months ago

Georgia: First Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Environment addresses media

Nino Tandilashvili, the first deputy minister of environment and agriculture, addressed the media persons about industrial emission.

7 months ago

Georgia hosts global meeting of Global Climate Fund

Georgia is the first Eastern European country to host the global meeting of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) Council. Seventy…

8 months ago