Georgia: All services of Ministry of Justice will be available in Khashuri municipality

One of the priorities of the Ministry of Justice is to further improve access to public services for citizens. The Minister of Justice was in Khashuri with his deputies for this purpose. By the end of the year, the Khashuri population will be able to use up to 470 services of the House of Justice.

“Today, we introduced a number of pleasant news to the people of Khashuri. First the House of Justice, the construction process of which is completely renewed. By the end of the year, the user will have the opportunity to receive all types of government services in one space in a comfortable, familiar environment, as he is used to throughout Georgia. In Khashuri, we have also placed a “probbox”, which will further contribute to the resocialization of the offender. Also, we have opened the space of mediation, which is important for the development of restorative justice in Georgia”, said Minister of Justice Rati Bregadze.

On the initiative of Rati Bregadze, the construction of the Khashuri House of Justice has moved to a new stage. The works are going on intensively, and the new company is continuing it.

A new branch of the House of Justice will be added to Khashuri municipality by the end of the year. Eighteen people will be employed in the House of Justice. 

In addition to the service hall, a wedding-ritual space with a modern interior will be arranged in the new branch. The building will also house the offices of the LSIs operating in the sphere of governance of the Ministry of Justice, which until now has been operating in an outdated infrastructure.

Rati Bregadze also visited the new mediation space opened in the Khashuri Probation Bureau, where the needs of the mediation process are fully taken into account. All necessary conditions for communication and negotiation are provided for the parties. In a properly equipped space, it will be easier for mediators to fulfil their duties. Until now, there was no space for mediation in the region, which is why it was necessary to find another space to conduct the process.

Mediation serves to end the existing conflict between the perpetrator and the victim. It is based on the principles of restorative justice and is people-oriented, involving all persons affected by crime, identifying and meeting their needs.

The Ministry of Justice actively uses the mediation mechanism. It is an alternative form of juvenile criminal responsibility, which offers offenders to engage in rehabilitation and reintegration into society instead of imprisonment; the successful operation of the mediation mechanism, it shows that during 2021, 596 appeals for the allocation of a mediator were registered, of which the mediation process with 389 children in conflict with the law was successfully completed.

Currently, mediation spaces are operating in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Khashuri; By the end of the year, it will also be opened in Ozurgeti. Today, the innovative technological device “PROBBOX” created for probationers was placed for the first time in an alternative space, apart from the houses of justice – in the administrative building of the Khashuri municipality’s town hall. The technological device integrates all the services for which probationers had to go to the probation offices until now.

Probbox services include employment offers, information on revocation of probation, submission of an application for relief of regime, communication with a probation officer and booking a video appointment with a convicted person.

Probationers can use “probbox” in 7 municipalities at the moment. After Batumi, Kutaisi, Tbilisi, Telavi, Gori and Zugdidi, the device is also available in Khashuri municipality; Gradually, it will be distributed throughout the country.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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