Georgia’s Minister Baghaturia attends Conference in Ashgabat

Georgia’s Minister Baghaturia attends Conference in Ashgabat

Joseph Baghaturiab first Deputy Minister of Culture and Sports of Georgia visited Turkmenistan . He attended the International Conference of…

13 mins ago

Family Sanctity Day celebrated in Telavi

The eight municipalities of the Khaketi region held a joint celebration in Telavi on family sanctity day. Giorgi Aladashvili, the…

1 hour ago

Georgian PM invites protesting youth for discussion

The Prime Minister of Georgia invited young protestors for healthy discussion on foreign agents law .

2 hours ago

Georgia celebrates National Clothing Day on May 18

National Clothing Day, which falls on May 18 every year, is celebrated with enthusiasm this year as well in Georgia.…

3 hours ago

Georgia receives 1.3 Million international tourists in the first quarter of 2024

Mariam Kvrivishvili, the Deputy Economy Minister, on Friday claimed that 1.3 million international travelers visited the country in the first…

4 hours ago

Culture Ministry honors memory of Irakli Gamrekel

The Ministry of Culture and Sports of Georgia honors the memory and immense contribution of the great Georgian artist, Irakli…

5 hours ago

Georgia: MIA denies arrest of US citizen

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia has denied any arrest of the citizens of the United States of America.…

6 hours ago

Georgian delegation led by PM visits Ankara, capital of Turkey

The visit of the Georgian delegation, led by Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze, to Ankara, Turkey's capital, on Thursday, May 16,…

6 hours ago

Support and solidarity to Georgian striking students and professors

The majority of Georgian higher education students and academic staff announced a strike demanding the Parliament's "Russian Law" ("The Transparency…

6 hours ago

Rustvai: Mayor attends a holy family rally

The Mayor of Rustvai City, Nino Latsabidze, attended the holy family rally organized in Rustavi City with a large number…

6 hours ago