Tekle Zakalashvili: Scientist who inspires millions

Tekle Zakalashvili is a women scientist who has become a source of inspiration for many struggling women. She is head of the Plant Microclonic (in vitro) Reproduction and Non-Virus Translation Material Research Service of Georgia.

She has done graduation from the Faculty of Vineyard and Winery. After that Tekle decided to gain experience in in-vitro reproduction of plants. She is the youngest senior scientist at the Agricultural Research Center. At the same time Tekla leads the research service of microclonal reproduction and non-viral translation materials.

It is to be specifically mentioned that “In-vitro reproduction of plants allows us to receive non-virus, phytosanitally clean and breed-free seed material. In addition in an in-vitro environment, it is possible to reproduce plants continuously and maintain a full cycle throughout the year. As far as the vineyard is concerned as a science it creates new knowledge about grapes and in-depth studies of specific varieties”.

It is to be added that Tekle is constantly trying to share her knowledge and experience with the new generation. She is actively involved in various events organized by the Agricultural Research Centre to raise awareness among students and farmers. Notably Tekle points out that her main motivation is to help farmers of the country.

Tekle Zakalashvili added “The scientific and research center is an important circle. I want to be a mediator between farmers, entrepreneurs, and scientists. The diversity of our work, conducting interesting research with colleagues, and knowing that we are helping farmers and entrepreneurs is the main motivator for me”.

It is noteworthy that “Tekle is working on several interesting projects with the team. The material certification process is a major project in which, together with the Research Center’s Standards, Certification Planning, and Economic Analysis Service, an in-vitro laboratory work will be included. The result of the reproduction material research will comply with existing standards”.

She is also part of another second also important project is the Climate Information Project to inform farmers about climate change generation, ensuring farmers identify risk factors and plan appropriate action.

Tekle advises young people interested in agricultural sciences that despite the challenges, always believe in goals, become professional, and never lose curiosity which can help them learn better and discover new things in the field.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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