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Georgia: Police seizes huge illegal firearms and ammunition

Georgia: Police seizes huge illegal firearms and ammunition

The Georgian police and law enforcement agencies have seized huge amounts of illegal firearms and ammunition. The recovery of these…

2 weeks ago

Georgia: Internal ministry arrests 6 people for drug crimes

In a fight against drug-related crime, the employees of the Central Criminal Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in…

1 month ago

Shida Kartli region celebrates its public servants

State Commissioner of Shida Kartli, Mikheil Shakulashvili, hosted an award ceremony for the municipality and regional administration employees to recognize…

4 months ago

Georgian Prosecution Office: Fight Against Corruption Will Continue

The Prosecution Service of Georgia continue its fight against corruption. While releasing data on Corruption Prosecution Offcie said fight against…

4 months ago

Georgian Prosecutor Office Join 16-day Campaign

Georgian Prosecutor's office on Saturday announced to join the 16-day campaign against gender violence against women to create awareness.

5 months ago

Georgian Minister meets private sector players for tourism boost

In a significant meeting, Mariam Kvrivishvili, deputy minister of the economy and Sustainable development, met with the representative of the…

5 months ago

Unprecedented exhibition opens as part of “Europe-Georgia”

An unprecedented exhibition was opened in the framework of "Europe-Georgia" in Georgia for the first time. The festival dedicated to…

6 months ago