Ozurgeti Municipality News

Ozurgeti: school children get toys

Ozurgeti: school children get toys

The municipality administration of the Ozurgeti have provided the toys to the school children. These toys have been made with…

2 months ago

Ozurgeti City Council: meeting held to approve financial assistance

Ozurgeti City Council recently held a meeting of its representatives to approve the financial assistance for the various projects across.

3 months ago

Ozurgeti: Municipality builds Memorial of Ekvatime Takaishvili

Ozurgeti Municipality have built the memorial of Ekvatime Takaishvili a member of the founding assembly of the Republic of Georgia.

4 months ago

Mayor Natia Goliadze visits newborns of a new year at a hospital

Natia Goliadze, the mayor of the Ozurgeti Municipality of Georgia recently visited the local hospital to see the babies that…

4 months ago

Ozurgeti: deputy mayor visits disabled people

Natia Goliadze the deputy mayor of the Ozurgeti city hall recently visited the people with special needs.

5 months ago

Ozurgeti: Deputy Mayor Visit Lazikamed Academy

Natia Goliadze, the Deputy Mayor of the Ozurgeti municipality, visited the Lazikamed Academy on Tuesday to learn in detail about…

5 months ago

Ozurgeti Municipality delivers groceries to vulnerable residents

Georgia: Ozurgeti Municipality, a region of western Georgia, is continuing its distribution of groceries to socially needy families and senior…

5 months ago

Work of Kostava Street Completws In Ozurgeti

Reconstruction work of Kostava Street in Ozurgeti Municipality has been executed with the Financial assistance of the Municipal Development fund.

5 months ago

Public Holiday held in Bakhvi Village

On Monday, a public holiday was celebrated in the village of Bakhvi Village, situated under Ozurgeti Municipality.

6 months ago