President Salome Zurabishvili

Georgia: President presents annual report to parliament

Georgia: President presents annual report to parliament

The president of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili, presented an annual report to the parliament. She paid special attention to the country's…

4 weeks ago

Georgia: Campaign “Our Voice to Europe ” Ends

The campaign Namely “Our Voice to Europe” which was started by Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili, ended.

3 months ago

Police Officers urge President not to pardon criminal Grigoriadis

The police officers affected by the protests during 7-8 March 2023, supported by the Ministry's Legal Department, addressed the President…

3 months ago

Georgian president Impeachment: Is Georgia’s European future in jeopardy?

Georgia: Georgia has taken center stage in the last few months, making the eastern European nation of great value to…

6 months ago

Georgian Aviation hosts aerial celebrations on Independence Day

Tbilisi: Georgian Aviation congratulated Georgian citizens on Independence Day with newly modernized aircraft belonging to the Defense Forces and glaciers…

9 months ago