Meeting of Center for Innovation and High Technology

Georgia: The National Academy of Sciences of Georgia hosted a regular session of the Center for Innovation and High Technology on May 23, 2024, which discussed the report “Some things about hail problems.”

The reporters have gone out: in. Mestvirishvili (Technical University of Georgia); M. Benashvili (Georgian Agrarian University); N. Iashvili (Georgian Engineering Academy); and M. Kodua (Georgian Technical University).

The report discussed the following processes in poisoning vineyards with the Bordeaux solution in Georgia, particularly the actuality and importance of hail problems in Kakheti. It was noted that the formation of hail is affected by local conditions. What causes such intense hailstones in the Kakheti region?

Professor Sh. Mestvirishvili partially answered this. He noted that hail is affected by the poisonous Bordeaux liquid droplets of the vineyards and aerosols, which raise the crystallization temperature from -40°C to -5°C.

He also said, “But hail is not only affected by the ions produced by Bordeaux droplets, but also by other aerosols containing ions, which act similarly to Bordeaux droplets, pushing the freezing temperature of the drop to -5°C, and during rising air currents, they meet in the hailstorm zone. “

“A cold droplet is in a metastable state, and if the crystallization center hits it, it instantly becomes an ice crystal (literally). That’s why hail easily transfers the rising airflow into high and cold layers. Because hail is caused by poisonous material blown into the air by rising currents of hail formation during vine poisoning, it’s best if we don’t let it fly freely. Reporters made two important conclusions:

  • Drops of Bordeaux solution, when reaching the clouds, are transformed into crystallization centers, accelerating the formation of hail;
  • The crystallization centers produced represent a powerful poison that comes down to the Earth with hail, resulting in poisoning the environment and population.

The reporters noted that the Sakpatent introduced the device they created, which should solve the hail problem,” mentioned Mestvirishvili.

The meeting attendees were Vice-President, Academician Ramaz Khurodze (Chairman of the meeting), Academician-Secretary Vladimir Papava, Professor Givi Abdushelishvili (Deputy Chairman), Nodar Tzhelishvili(Studies Secretary), Academician K. Kachiashvili, V. Kvaratskhelia, a. Mirianashvili, Professor G. With the bark: Dr. Petre Beraia, field specialists, and guests. The reporters answered questions from scientists and the audience. This report has attracted a lot of interest.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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