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Caucasus University organise Seminar on Computer science, Engineering, Cybersecurity

The Caucasus University of Georgia hold a seminar on Wednesday. The Theme of the workshop was based on the field of Computer Science, Engineering, and Cybersecurity. Dr Ravishankar Rao, a professor from Dickinson University in the United States of America, was the key speaker of the seminar.

Students and entrants from the combined three-year undergraduate program of the university participated in the seminar. In the beginning, the university management gave a warm reception to Professor Ravishankar Rao and thanked him for his esteemed presence at the seminar.

During the seminar, many areas were discussed under the STEM program of the university. The program also discussed concentration and career opportunities for students beside other issues. Professor Rao, while addressing the workshop, shared many stories of his own experiences.

Professor Rao said that the “ field of computer science is very wide and nowadays cybersecurity is a fresh challenge being faced by the experts of engineering field ”

It is to be specifically mentioned that FerLey Dickinson University is the Largest Private sector university in New Jersey, the United States of America. This university also holds the ABET’s accreditation of the CAC( computer Accreditation Commission) Moreover, the Caucasus University, together with Pearl Dickson University, implemented a three-year computer science bachelor program.

At the seminar hall, a big electronic screen was installed to display the contents of the seminar . The screen also reflected the graphical representation of the content for the attendees of the seminar. The seminar was attended by almost 30 to 35 students. All the students were happy to be part of the seminar. They also ask queries and get quick responses from the key speaker of the seminar.

Some faculty members were also present there. All the attendees listened carefully to the thoughts and experiences stories of Professor Ravishanjar Rao on the topics of seminar.

After the seminar, Professor Rao expressed his gratitude towards the university management for the warm reception. He also expressed satisfaction with the presence of the student and professor at the occasion of the seminar.

Zurab Kvaratskhelia

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